✨ PoleToGlow's Mission✨

PoleToGlow (PTG) is a social club for dancers and enthusiasts in the pole dance community. This club provides opportunities to create authentic relationships and improve personal connections amongst dancers and those looking to build camaraderie within the dance community. Based on our market research, there's an overwhelming amount of pole dancers who do not have many opportunities to network with peers from different studios. If they do, their only option is to connect with people through social media, building relationships from afar.

Our goal at PoleToGlow is to bridge the social gap so you don't have to! Our intention is to curate a unique, welcoming environment to the pole dance community, free of pressures and comparsion. 

We believe in adding value to our lives by seeking out fun and impactful experiences
and making sure to include them in our everyday routines.

Join us! Come as you are. We can’t wait to meet you!

Meet SkyLuna - Founder

Skyluna is the founder of PoleToGlow. She started pole dancing in December 2020 and completely fell in love with the artistry. As she continued, she began connecting with people all over the world who enjoyed pole artistry as much as she did. The only option she had to interact with people was through social media. When Skyluna started pole dancing, she loved the creative expression, but she noticed there weren't many opportunities to improve mental and emotional health. She founded PoleToGlow to create a unique space for pole dancers to build relationships amongst each other while incorporating spiritual practices to heal from past trauma.


Mario (They/Theirs)

My name is Mario Jerez. I go by Mario, The Meandering Otter, and Nutria (otter in Spanish). My niece calls me Tío Mamu which is really cute. I'm nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them or xe/xem. I embody otter energy, especially when I'm in the water. I started my pole journey in 2022, when my self-esteem was underground. I felt scared and awkward at the beginning, but I slowly started to flourish in the art and the community. It genuinely changed my life. Outside of pole, I'm a huge nerd. I love science, computer programming, and I'm obsessed with the Avatar The Last Airbender universe. I also love hiking, running, meditating, and swimming outdoors. I've lived in the states, Nicaragua, China, and now Puerto Rico. I'll start a PhD program in computer science in September 2024.


Ki (She/Hers)

Im so excited to be apart of this journey with everyone! I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, and moved to Charlotte after graduating from USC in 2021. I started pole dancing because I wanted to find a hobby that was unique and athletic, but graceful all at once. After retiring from cheerleading back in 2016, I needed to feel connected to sports again. I instantly fell in love when I started in November 2021, and became a member at Pole Body and Arts. Eventually I started competing and it has been so rewarding and addicting!


Meet the PoleToGlow Team

PoleToGlow bases our values on how we can be an asset to the pole community, our team consists of pole dancers and enthusiasts who's goal is to create community and connection.

Join the PoleToGlow Team!